Yoga Bowl for Dogs

In Stock Yoga Bowl for Dogs

The Yoga bowl from Emanuele Bianchi Design, has a unique style with its raised design. It is molded from high quality polypropylene.  Each leg has a rubber stopper which helps prevent sliding and can protect your floor.  


The raised design provides a perfectly ergonomic feeding position for all dogs with the front being lower than the back of the bowl. This is can be an additional bonus for “senior” pets and those suffering from collapsing tracheas or narrowing of the air passageways.  


For the pet owner, the handles provide a convenient and hygienic way to carry the bowl. These raised style dog bowls are dishwasher safe and microwave safe for warming. 

Small – 9 oz. – 7” x 4”  (3" in Front, 4" in Back)
Medium – 36 oz. – 10” x 5.5” (4" in Front, 5.5" in Back)



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