Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses

Select from a wide variety of dog harnesses.  Adjustable step-in-dog harnesses are made to easily put on your dog and prevent neck injuries and choking.


Dog harnesses are a good alternative to dog collars.  Some dogs don't always do as well with their collars as others. Especially dogs with thicker necks and smaller heads, for example, the pug. Other dogs have a tendency to pull while on the leash making a dog harness preferable so your doggy doesn't hurt their neck or choke themselves.  We have a wide selection of fun designs to choose from!

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Green Flower Ribbon Harness

This dog harness will give your doggy a springy look.  It is made with ribbon and cotton webbing and..


Wisteria Lane Adjustable Step-in Dog Harness

Step-in Harness. Please measure around the ribs of dog pet to get the proper fit for this harness. C..