Pet Furniture

Pet Furniture from Doggy In Wonderland


Give your home some organization and style with the dog furniture available at Doggy In Wonderland.

We have pet furniture to suit both yours and your dog's tastes and needs! We have all types of dog furniture, everything from soft dog pens, to pet gates, to pet crates and dog toy boxes. We have doggy armoires to hold all of your pet's fashionable dog clothes and check out our dog crates made of quality hardwood that double as end tables, too!


At Doggy In Wonderland, we know how important it is for your home to look good but to be a safe and comfortable place for your pets.  We also believe in crate training and the security and level of comfort it gives your dog to have his or her own special place to go.  Sometimes the best place for a dog crate is in the family living area and that's when you want something that's functional but looks a little better than the standard metal dog crate.  We have stylish dog crates that work as end tables but still give your pup the comfort and security of being kenneled in his or her own crate at times.


No matter how precious your furry friend is, there are times when we need to contain them to an area with a pet gate or a dog pen.  Our pet gates are perfect for containing your dog in an area or keeping him out of another.  They're offered in varying heights and finishes so you'll find the best option for you and your dog.  Our dog pens are soft and portable so they're excellent when traveling with your dog.


It seems our pets can need almost as much storage as their owners sometimes.  Particularly if your pet has a substantial wardrobe!  Our Pet Armoires make a great pet storage option to organize and store all of your dog clothes.  Our Pet Toy Box is a stylish storage option for your home.  It will hold that large collection of dog toys nicely.