Leather Choke Free Shoulder Collar

Leather Choke Free Shoulder Collar

The choke free shoulder collar is a comfortable and stylish alternative to conventional dog collars.  They are MADE IN THE USA of soft leathers with vel-lock closures.  They can go over clothing so your fur-baby can still wear their outfits on outings.  This is a petanomic product that makes it possible to walk your pet without causing pressure on the pet's neck.  The pet will not choke, gag, or cough while using this product.


For Sizing:  Measure just behind your dog's front legs all the way around the shoulders.  You may want to add an inch for comfort or fluff, but keep in mind that these are genuine leather and will give/stretch a bit with wear.   Measurements taken behind the pet's leg should allow for a comfortable fit and not be too tight, but should not allow enough room for the pet to tuck it's head and escape.


**These choke free shoulder collars are not made for all day or unsupervised wear.  These are made of a soft leather so they can be chewed through if your dog is a chewer.**


Available Styles and Colors are as Pictured and Listed Below:


Top Row: All Metallic Leather - Platinum, Turquoise, Red, Purple, Gold, Blue, Lime Green, Bronze, Pink


Middle Row: Flower with Crystal Leather - Turquoise, Baby Blue, Raspberry Pink

Non-Metallic Leather - Black, Red, Blue, Baby Blue, Raspberry Pink, Purple


Bottom Row:  Croc Leather - Black, White, Chocolate, Red, Mocha

Ostrich Leather - Turquoise, Baby Blue, Lime Green, Pink


**This product may take up to two weeks to ship.**

***The non-metallic pink leather is a raspberry pink***


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